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Brexit: News & Views from Morton Fraser

Brexit: News & Views from Morton Fraser

Brexit: It is too early to judge

It appears safe to conclude that we are some time away from knowing, with certainty, what the UK's future relationship with the EU looks like.

Amidst this uncertainty, the one thing we do know is that the world will keep turning. The planning and decision making which businesses and individuals make about the future will still require to be made and whilst there is an understandable desire to take stock, few businesses or individuals will be willing to sit on their hands forever.

We are a firm which works across a wide range of sectors and with a wide range of clients - from large PLCs, owner-managed businesses, major clearing banks and angel investors to housebuilders, property developers, central and local government and private individuals. This allows us to take a broad view, whilst also seeing how the impact of Brexit-related issues can be quite different both between and within specific sectors. So our task is to work with our clients to assess what it means for each of them specifically, with the benefit of what we can see happening across the range of sectors we work in.

Read the full article from Chris Harte, Chief Executive, here. For an overview about how triggering Article 50 would work, click here.


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