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Later life planning

You may be reaching a stage in life when you’re having to make decisions about where and how to live and wanting to review your will and succession plans. Alternatively, you may have elderly parents or relatives who require help with their affairs and you’re too far away to be of practical help. Whatever your challenge we can assist you.

We think that there are different types of assistance, perhaps involving different stages of the ageing process.

  • We help people to stay in their homes, and can arrange all types of support to ensure they can live independently.
  • We can offer slightly more help, where we can take over the management of financial matters.
  • We can also offer help in the move from home, to a care home.

The starting point for everyone, is to make sure that a Power of Attorney is in place, so that someone's affairs can be handled on their behalf and in the correct way.


Our services include:

  • Ensuring you have an up-to-date Will and Power of Attorney
  • Advising on care options at all stages
  • Planning your finances so they can support you at all stages
  • Making arrangements so you feel safe in your living environment
  • Helping with any moves, including into Sheltered Housing or a Care home
  • Helping you live as independently as possible
  • Buying a new home or selling your old home



Our specialist team has an in-depth understanding of the issues that occur in later life. The scope of our service covers legal and financial matters but we can also help you with all sorts of practical things to help you live as independently as possible.

We need to get the basics right first, and a Power of Attorney clearly is a must.  It doesn't need to be used, but it’s important to have it there if it's needed. 

You'll then want to know what your options are, whether for the short, medium or longer term.  These might be about where you live.  Can you stay in your home and if so, what support is available to you?  If more care is needed, can that be done at home, or is a care home the right place?  And if so, which is the best care home for you?  You’ll want to know that you can afford to pay for what’s best for you and so, as well as our lawyers, we have in-house Independent Financial Advisers who can make your money work for you. 

We can also make sure that you live in the type of property that’s right for you, and our Estate Agency team can make sure you get the best price on a sale.  Moving at any age is daunting, and if clearing one home before moving to another is too difficult, we can arrange that. 

What sets us apart though is the service which you don’t expect from a law firm.  We have a team of experts who will work with you to make sure that you feel safe and secure.  We can give you all sorts of help, from arranging care for a beloved pet, organising grocery deliveries, through to organising Christmas and birthday presents for your friends and family.

Clear advice

We are experts in getting to the real issues for you, and understanding what is at the heart of your worries.  Nobody wants to get to the stage where they can't manage, and as things become less clear due to the ageing process, we will help to keep things clear.   We don't just give you options, we also give you advice on which option to take.  We will give you confidence that you have everything in place.

Our approach to fees

We offer a range of services for the older client each of which has its own clear fee structure. Circumstances can change quickly, but we always aim to be transparent about fees.