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Cross border and international

Succession planning can take place during your lifetime, or at the time of your death. Many people have an international aspect to their affairs.

For example:

  • You are from the UK but have moved abroad. You have assets in the UK or family here. How do you make sure those assets pass to your family in the most tax efficient way?
  • You are living abroad and thinking about returning or moving to the UK. What impact will that have on your succession and tax planning?
  • You are living in the UK but have assets abroad or another overseas connection. How will this be dealt with after your death and will you be taxed in both countries?
  • You are living overseas but have assets in the UK, (e.g. investment properties.) Have you thought about the tax and succession implications, both in the UK and overseas?
  • We work with clients in all of these categories and advise on domicile, preparation of Wills, the appropriate structure in which to hold your UK assets, how to mitigate your UK tax liabilities and on the process after your death.

Clear advice

We will consider your individual circumstances and advise on the following:

  • Your UK tax and domicile status
  • Your exposure to UK income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax and your obligations to report to HM Revenue & Customs
  • How best to structure your affairs and hold your UK assets
  • Whether you should have a UK Will
  • The administration of your estate after death and the international dimensions.

If you need advice on other family matters, whether preventative planning (such as a pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement) or relating to separation, we can work closely with our colleagues in our Family Law Team, who are experienced in dealing with international issues.

Benefits we bring

We aim to sort this out for you as quickly as possible and to make the whole process straightforward for you and your family.

We will work with your existing overseas lawyers and other advisers or can introduce you to advisers in other jurisdictions. We are happy to co-ordinate the different processes and advice from the various jurisdictions to ensure the process runs smoothly and that you have a central point of contact.

Our approach to fees

We want to provide our clients with fixed fees.  That can be quite difficult to do unless we properly understand your individual circumstances, and what we need to do for you.  We don't want to compromise the work we do for you or the service we deliver, by offering a headline grabbing fee quote, which we don't then deliver on.

Our approach to feeing is therefore to meet with you, and to establish your objectives.  The cost of this meeting, which will include a review of your assets, succession planning and your tax situation, will be £270 + VAT.  The cost of this meeting will be deducted from any fee for work which follows.  For clients based overseas, this meeting can take place by telephone.

At this meeting, we will provide you with an estimated fee for carrying out the work, and we will not go ahead with that work unless you have approved that fee quote.