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One of our priorities, when selecting people to work with us, is to make sure that they will fit in well with our culture. Throughout the recruitment process we will be looking beyond your technical skills and knowledge. We want to establish if you share our values and will be a good fit for Morton Fraser.

What are we looking for?

Our culture is based on our three guiding principles and they apply to everything we do.

  • Morton Fraser people are open and honest. You share information, knowledge and good practice easily and support the development of others. 

  • Morton Fraser people are confident, personable and pro-active. You take the initiative to get things done. You have a strong belief in yourself and your own skills as well as the ability to accept accountability for your actions and job performance. 

  • Morton Fraser people are straight talking. You communicate clearly, concisely and without any jargon. You are direct and articulate, getting straight to the point. 

We will be looking for you to demonstrate these qualities throughout our recruitment process and would be interested in hearing from you if you feel that we are a good fit for your career.

We aim to attract a diverse employee base and we value the wide variety of experience and skills that people bring to the business. 

What will you get from us?

We operate from city centre locations and modern open plan work spaces.  We are serious about the development of our people and have a career path for our solicitors to ensure a sense of progression. There is a grade structure in place to ensure clarity with salaries and benefits and we also have a performance management process that links to our profit related pay scheme.

We have a consultation forum to give employees a voice and a Giving Something Back forum to coordinate our charitable fundraising activities.

We know that our employees have commitments away from work and we support working patterns to help achieve a balance between work and home. 

If you need even more reasons to be convinced that Morton Fraser is a great employer, read the thirteen reasons why Norman is proud to work here.

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