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Morton Fraser Director of Key Clients and Tenders Ruth McCallister
Ruth McCallister
Director of Key Clients and Tenders
Ruth is responsible for client-related activities and initiatives in Morton Fraser including our key client management programme. She focuse...
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We are one of the few Scottish firms appointed to the CCS RM3788 - Wider Public Sector Legal Services Framework. We are currently working with a number of public sector clients under the Framework.  We're accustomed to working directly with clients, and also to partnering with firms south of the border whose clients require Scots law input. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss working together.

Expert, efficient and cost effective legal advice

We are a full service firm and so will be able to support you across all of your requirements. We help our clients by providing competitive and clear fee structures, and are confident that our approach to feeing will be compatible with your requirements.

Commitment to the public sector

Our team has been providing commitment, clear advice and bespoke services to the public sector for decades. We use this experience to drive improvements and to look for more efficient ways in which to provide legal services.  We employ high level people directly from the public sector with hands-on experience of the challenges our clients are required to meet. We also invest in specialised technology to help us deliver solutions in the right way for our clients.


Our brand is founded on clarity.  We have made a commitment to our clients, which appears in our terms of business, that our clients need not pay any invoice which they were not expecting. We see this as a key point of distinction, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Clarity extends beyond pricing 

It is also about providing advice to clients in clear terms, with recommendations on options to proceed and how best to manage any potential legal and reputational risks. Clear legal advice which is readily understood by our clients is at the heart of what we do and the depth of our expertise and experience in the provision of such clear advice to public sector clients is unrivalled.

We thoroughly enjoy working with our clients in the public sector and appreciate the extremely valuable service they provide whilst ensuring that public money is apportioned appropriately against a backdrop of intense scrutiny and accountability. We give excellent value for money by adhering to competitive and transparent fee proposals whilst also looking for more efficient ways in which to provide legal services, spreading cost risk and offering greater certainty and transparency.

Scots law expertise

We are an independent Scottish law firm. We have over 270 people working with us, and are one of the top firms in Scotland. We are highly ranked in both the Chambers and Legal 500 independent legal directories where we are identified as having leaders in 26 different practice areas including all of those covered by the scope of the CCS Framework

Given the nature of our client base, we are very experienced at working collaboratively with other law firms throughout the United Kingdom. We appreciate the benefits this approach can bring to clients.