Employment Protection and Tribunal Claim Insurance

With the possibility of significant Tribunal awards, management time is often diverted from the core business to deal with workplace issues and claims. We can provide the day to day employment advice that you require whilst providing insurance against the risk of Employment Tribunal claims.

Our employment protection package includes: 

  • an annual review to ensure that your employment contracts and handbook are fully compliant
  • on-going access to one of our employment lawyers within our highly rated employment law team
  • insurance cover against the risk of most Employment Tribunal awards up to £1 million
  • affordable monthly fixed fee payments

You will be assigned a specialist employment lawyer dedicated to your organisation, someone you can work with and who can really get to know you and your business. We do not want to try and tie your organisation into this package for any fixed period of time and you are free to end the contract at any time. Our advice is legally privileged. This is often not the case with other advisors even if they are labelled as "Legal Advisors".

In the event that advice is not legally privileged then the advice that you have been given is admissible as evidence before the Employment Tribunal which may put you at a disadvantage in contentious matters. You may want to think about that if you are considering a different kind of package.

Our costs will always be clear and that is guaranteed.

Payment for our Employment Protection Package is made by way of affordable monthly fixed fee payments. For a no obligation quote please email the following information to us at employment@morton-fraser.com  

  • current headcount
  • total Annual Wage roll during last 12 months (inclusive of Employer's NI, the costs paid to Workers, Bonuses and Salaries paid to Directors) 

If this package does not sound quite right for your organisation, we would be pleased to discuss the other options available for employment law advice. 

For further information please contact Innes Clark on 0131 247 1181 or at innes.clark@morton-fraser.com

Any questions?

We would be delighted to discuss our employment protection package with you in more detail. If you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a discussion please contact Innes Clark at innes.clark@morton-fraser.com.

No obligation quote.

For a no obligation quote please email the following information to Innes Clark, Head of Employment Team, at innes.clark@morton-fraser.com:

  • Number of employees
  • Total annual payroll during the last 12 months (inclusive of employers national insurance contribution, the costs paid to workers, bonuses and salaries paid to directors)

Employment Protection and Tribunal Claim Insurance Team