Fixed fees for Family Law

We understand that uncertainty about legal costs can cause a great deal of anxiety.

To make the process easier, we offer a variety of fee options.

First, we offer a fixed fee package for an initial meeting with one of our solicitors from a figure starting at £350 plus VAT, depending on the complexity of your case. We can hold this meeting over secure videolink or conference call as you prefer. This meeting should provide you with an overview of your legal position and the process which lies ahead. You should come away from it clearer about the options open to you, what needs to be done next, and armed with clear and helpful information.

Going forward after that meeting, wherever possible and if you wish us to do so, we can offer a fee proposal, where we will carry out a certain set of defined tasks, agreed in advance, for a fixed fee. This may be for specific packages of work required on your case, or for agreed periods of time. If this is not possible (perhaps because your case is particularly complex, urgent or unpredictable), or if you prefer not to have a fixed fee, we will charge on the basis of the time spent on your case, with our invoices including a breakdown of our charges. 

Fixed fees for family law team