Amy Entwistle celebrates 15 years at Morton Fraser

Morton Fraser Partner Amy Entwistle
Amy Entwistle
02 August 2023

 Amy is a partner in our Commercial Real Estate team, based in Edinburgh. This month she celebrates her 15 year anniversary with us. In this short interview, she reflects on her career and her time at Morton Fraser so far. 

Tell us about working at Morton Fraser.

I joined Morton Fraser in 2008 after over a decade at Shepherd and Wedderburn.  I wanted to work a three day week after my second maternity leave  - Morton Fraser were light years ahead of other law firms for flexible working patterns.  Before I started work here I was told it was a really friendly place. When I started at Morton Fraser I remember feeling slightly unnerved by how nice and welcoming everyone was. 15 years on and I'm confident the friendships I made early on with colleagues here - and still have today - are genuine. I shouldn’t have been so cynical!

What type of work do you get involved in?

Most of my work in real estate is for public sector clients.  That means I work with a range of really interesting clients and properties like prisons, schools, benefits offices, firing ranges, castles, sewage works!  My favourite part of my role is when I happen to drive past a property I've worked on in a transaction. Especially if I can bore my children telling them - repeatedly if it's a property we pass regularly - "Did I ever tell you that I did you that I sold that school  for housing?" (Repeat as regularly as possible).

How has your role changed during your time at the firm?

I used to work part time, but as my children got older, I gradually moved to full time. In 2014, when I was still part time,  I became a partner at Morton Fraser  which was a change of role in numerous respects - "a boss", self-employed, business owner, holiday authoriser, signing firm letters instead of looking for a partner, allocated a table at Xmas party rather than choosing one, etc., etc…

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone looking to progress in your field?

Have a growth mindset - don’t limit your ambition with self-doubt.  Keep calm and carry on -  work with good people who can help you keep perspective and humour when it sometimes feels like Mission Impossible. 


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