BSI publish menstruation, menstrual health and menopause in the workplace standard

Morton Fraser Senior Associate Sarah Gilzean
Sarah Gilzean
13 June 2023

The guidance is intended to drive forward best practice.

Menopause and menstrual health are topics that are now part of the landscape for HR professionals.  Guidance is already available on menopause in the workplace from a number of sources including Acas and the CIPD, and the British Standards Institute has now published a new standard - BS 30416 Understanding menopause and menstrual health which will further support organisations in developing good practice in this area and that of menstrual health more broadly.  The standard was developed with the input of well over 40 other organisations, including ACAS, trade unions, individual experts, related charities and other organisations.

The guide is intended to assist organisations to retain experienced staff who are experiencing difficulties in this area, with the timing of its publication partly being driven by the current skills shortage and consequential importance of staff retention.  It attempts to help organisations identify and remove misconceptions around menstrual and perimenopause health and address the impact the stigma surrounding these issues can have on the workplace support that is provided.  It provides recommendations on workplace adjustments and activities that should support existing wellbeing practices.  These include guidance on creating an inclusive environment where staff feel comfortable to discuss these issues and ensuring relevant policies are in place,  as well as practical steps relating to the provision of appropriate facilities such as showers, appropriately designed toilets and the identification of areas in a building that are naturally cooler.  The need for training on matters such as the impact of cultural and intersectionality issues on this area is also highlighted, as is the need to consider how to be inclusive of non-binary and transgender staff.

As you would expect from a British Standard, it is a lengthy document, but one that is well worth taking the time to read.  The annexes attached to it will likely be particularly useful - they include an HR and line manager tool kit and a sample internal review checklist based on the recommendations in the guide.  


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