Investment market update - Ukraine

Morton Fraser Wealth and Pension Planner Norman Dalgleish
Norman Dalgleish
Wealth and Pension Planner
02 March 2022
Individuals and Families

We are all watching the news with a sense of horror.  As with the onset of Covid/lockdown two years ago there are clearly more important things going on than the movements in the stock market.  However, the markets have, unsurprisingly, reacted to events in Ukraine.


And this follows on from concerns earlier in the year about the sharp rise in inflation and the knock-on consequences of that for interest rates and the economy.

As a result, we have received notification that many of our clients' investments have fallen by more than 10% since the start of the year.

Much as when the markets fell in February and March 2020, these investments benefit from being well diversified and at the correct level of investment risk, and the recommendation to clients is always to sit tight.

The chart below is a general representation of how a medium risk diversified portfolio has performed over the last three year.  What this shows, and is hopefully some comfort, is that despite the very sharp fall in spring 2020 and then the correction of the last few weeks, client portfolios typically remain well above the level they were at pre Covid, lockdown, inflation, Ukraine etc.

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