Thoughts from our PRIME work experience students

Morton Fraser HR Assistant Becky Paul
Becky Paul
HR Projects Manager
21 July 2022

At Morton Fraser, we believe that everyone should have fair access to the legal profession, no matter their circumstances. This is why we are delighted to be part of PRIME, which gives high school pupils from less privileged backgrounds the chance to gain valuable work experience.

We invited five students to join us for the week at our Edinburgh office to learn more about a career in law. Read what our visiting school students; Laiba, Catriona, Kiera, Evie, and Sonny had to say about their time at the firm.

Tell us what you have enjoyed most about your week at Morton Fraser?

Kiera: Throughout my week at Morton Fraser, I have been provided with the opportunity to experience the legal workplace first-hand, and this has further developed my understanding of the legal profession. I have most enjoyed having conversations with trainees at Morton Fraser, who have been extremely friendly and open to answering all of my burning questions about studying law at university and life as a lawyer.

Laiba: I enjoyed learning about the range of different areas of law throughout the week. The firm's lawyers and staff members went into a lot of detail and spoke about things school doesn't discuss at all, which I appreciated. The variety of each day was good, and it gave me a deeper understanding about what I'm going to study.

What area of law did you personally find most interesting?

Sonny: I found employment law to be very interesting, as it ensured that workers are treated fairly and with respect, and that their rights are adhered to.

Evie: I found employment and private client areas the most interesting. It was also areas I have never thought of before. I especially enjoyed the session with Caroline Maher on employment law. Her session very much inspired me to look at a potential area. Emma and Mark's session on family law and private client, and Joanna's marketing presentation, were also interesting.

Laiba: Employment law as I found the range of cases and situations to be broader and more detailed than I thought they would be.

After your work experience here would you consider a career in the legal sector?

Kiera: Work experience with Morton Fraser has undoubtedly provided me with the clarity I required to pursue a career in the legal profession, reinforcing my ambition to study law at university and eventually working in the legal sector, with any luck, at a firm such as Morton Fraser.

Evie: Definitely, it has given me a further insight into the different areas of law. The experience has changed my opinion on law firms and made a career in law seem a bit more fun and less daunting.

Sonny: Partaking in work experience with Morton Fraser has shown me that working in the legal sector can be rewarding and engaging, so I would definitely consider a career in law.

Laiba: This experience has helped me gain a stronger insight into what pursuing a career in law would entail. Furthermore, it has made me feel better equipped to understand and enter the law degree. I would definitely be interested in keeping in contact with the firm.

To find out more about PRIME at Morton Fraser visit our dedicated careers work experience page.  You can find out more on PRIME commitment in general and the work they do at their website.


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