Brexit: An update

The UK left the EU at the end of the transition period. The Prime Minister says that he and his Government have delivered Brexit and returned sovereignty to the UK over our laws, our courts and our borders.

The Free Trade Agreement does not deal with financial services or professional qualifications. Free movement of workers is at an end and travelling to Europe is going to be less straightforward for UK citizens.

We have a new Free Trade Agreement which has kicked into operation. There was considerable relief among most people that an agreement was reached and the threat of trading on WTO terms disappeared. While trade may be tariff free, trade bodies and their members have indicated that some businesses are currently struggling with the impact of non-tariff restrictions and the additional paperwork and certification needed to cross the UK/EU border.   It is difficult at this stage to separate Withdrawal and Covid-19 impacts on business and the economy, even here in Scotland. 

We are continuing to work across all the sectors of Morton Fraser to help support our clients whatever awaits all of us. We are taking a broad view across all areas to assess what it all means for clients' different interests - from immigration to data protection.