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Judith O'Toole


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Judith is a solicitor in our Litigation Division, one of the largest and most experienced litigation teams in Scotland.


Based in our Edinburgh office, the focus of Judith's work is property litigation and planning. She advises on a wide range of disputes, including landlord/tenant and boundary issues. She also advises on interpretation of title conditions and access rights. Judith has experience of conducting litigation in the Sheriff Courts and the Court of Session.

Recent Content by Judith O'Toole

1 May 2019

The truth about private parking charges in Scotland - are they enforceable?

For a number of years there has been a myth across Scotland that parking charges issued in respect of private car parks are not enforceable. 
Judith O'Toole
21 Nov 2018

The Prevention of Dog Attacks on Livestock

With insurers NFU Mutual releasing their annual report next week which puts a figure on the cost to Scottish farmers of livestock worrying at a...
Judith O'Toole
25 Oct 2017

Champions Train, Losers Complain!

Whilst our friends and family may think that we come to work every day as fully-fledged lawyers conducting million pound transactions and shouting "...
Judith O'Toole