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Kate Sutherland

Senior Solicitor


Kate is a senior solicitor in the Litigation division, based in Edinburgh.

She advises both employers and employees on a wide range of employment law issues, including redundancy and unfair dismissal.

As well as advising on Employment Tribunal matters, Kate also appears at Edinburgh Sheriff court, in the small claims/summary cause court and the ordinary court for both public sector and private sector clients.

Further, Kate advises clients on various aspects of commercial litigation. 

Areas of expertise:


Kate is a Solicitor in our employment team who regularly advises SMEs on employment law issues, such as conducting a fair disciplinary or grievance process or making redundancies in the business.

She also reviews and prepares employers' handbooks, individual policies and contracts of employment. As part of her role, she also drafts settlement agreements for employers to offer employees and advises employers on having without prejudice settlement discussions with employees.

Kate also advises employers on the strength of any employment tribunal claim raised against them, drafts defences and can represent employers in an employment tribunal. 

Areas of Expertise: 

Public Sector

Kate is a solicitor in our litigation division who regularly appears in Edinburgh Sheriff Court on behalf of local authority clients, in particular, she appears on their behalf in circumstances where decree of eviction and rent arrears are being sought.

She is also involved in preparing for proofs in the Sheriff Court on behalf of local authority clients who are seeking to evict a tenant and recover arrears, this includes drafting the pleadings and taking witness statements.

Kate has also appeared on a number of occasions for local authority clients in sequestration petitions. Kate is also involved in Employment Tribunal preparation for central government clients.

Areas of Expertise: 

Individuals & Families

Kate is a Solicitor in our litigation division who is involved in advising clients in relation to both employment related issues and commercial litigation. In particular, Kate is involved in negotiating favourable settlement terms for employees and in reviewing settlement agreements. She also advises employees on issues such as unfair dismissal and redundancy. In addition, Kate advises clients on the strength of any employment tribunal claim which they might have and the costs of pursuing such a claim.

On the commercial litigation side of things, Kate advises clients on a variety of matters such as contract disputes and debt recovery. She assesses the strength of any claim and advises clients on the costs of proceeding to litigation. She is also involved in drafting pleadings to be lodged in the Sheriff Court. Kate has appeared on many occasions in Edinburgh Sheriff Court in the small claims/summary cause court and ordinary court in relation to sequestrations, debt recovery and interim diligence.