Savita Sharma

Edinburgh Office
Savita is a consultant and accredited specialist in the Family Law team. 

Savita is a Family Law expert based in our Edinburgh office. Savita is Dual Qualified (Scotland, England and Wales) with strong bias towards pure English Family and Child (Private and International) Proceedings having practiced in England and Wales since 1995 and Scotland since 2015.

Savita is an Advanced member of the Law Society’s family panel and is an accredited specialist in Matrimonial Finance and Private Children work.

Savita has recently enhanced her practice, and is now recognised as an English Family Mediator which allows her to assist parties who wish to resolve issues arising from separation without the need of English court based solutions. She is able to mediate in terms of English law which in Scotland makes her uniquely placed as she can mediate in person or remotely with individuals.

Savita specialises in all aspects of English divorce and linked financial proceedings. She deals with the full range of matters from high value and complex matrimonial finance cases to the more modest financial matters. Savita ensures that all her clients are provided the most comprehensive legal advice allowing them to make the appropriate decisions about their legal affairs.  She is able to undertake work on an urgent basis where time is of the essence such as securing protective order over assets.

Savita also has experience in Scottish Family Law and she routinely advises on Intra-UK Jurisdiction issues and has conducted financial and children cases in England and Scotland where the issue of Jurisdiction has raised and contested.

Membership & Awards
Law Society of Scotland
Family Law Association

Individuals & Families Expertise

Savita has extensive experience in dealing with Intra UK jurisdictional issues which invariably arise when dealing with clients who have any connection with England. She is regularly consulted by clients who are either in the midst or contemplating divorce and financial proceedings in England. Timely advise ensures clients are able to make informed choices on jurisdiction which can materially affect eventual outcomes. Given the urgency to secure jurisdiction she is able to act urgently to secure all necessary advantage for clients whether in courts in Scotland, England and Wales.

She further specialises in children cases where there are intra UK jurisdictional disputes, relocation cases, contact and residence orders, removals and return of children to the Scotland, England and further afield in private children proceedings. She has also represented parties in enforcement proceedings in Children Act proceedings.

Savita also undertakes cases where former cohabitees (unmarried couples) have disputes about property and any financial matters relating to any children from those relationships.

In the past few years Savita, has conducted many English complicated financial matters where one party is based in Scotland but who have current court proceedings in England. She has represented many of these clients in English court proceedings comprehensively thereby giving clients the opportunity to obtain English law advice in Scotland.  In some cases, clients would not have had the opportunity to engage in those English proceedings without Savita's expertise due to their vulnerability or logistics.

Savita regularly advises and represents clients on all types of English related financial proceedings and offers comprehensive advice in cases, including applications for Legal Services Payments Order (help with legal fees) and Trust of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (England) for unmarried couples. She also advised and represents parties where financial applications for children can be made under the 1989 Children Act (England).

Savita's knowledge and experience in Scottish Family Law allows her the unique ability to appreciate the interplay of the two jurisdictions and provide clear advice and action if required. She routinely advises on Jurisdiction issues and has conducted divorce, financial and children cases in England and Scotland where the issue of Jurisdiction has raised and contested to great success. In all cases, clients have secured advantageous outcomes with Savita's expert advice at key stages of their matters whether that be in children matters or financial claims after separation.