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Tania Hemming

Marketing and Business Development Director

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Tania is the marketing and business development director. 

She is responsible for providing leadership and direction for the marketing and business development function. A key focus is on developing the brand strategy, taking teams through business planning, creating strategic marketing plans and using insight to differentiate the firm and its services.

Alongside strategy, Tania's responsibilities include managing the reputation of the firm, building business initiatives for revenue generation, enhancing stakeholder engagement and creating new routes to market. As a senior executive with over 25 years in marketing and strategic communications, with the last 7 at board level, Tania has an extensive background of business planning, commercialisation, marketing, business development, public affairs and corporate relations.

She has worked with companies facing a changing business landscape and has had a career within the professional services, IT sectors and agency side - with organisations including Pagan Osborne, Indigo (PR) Ltd, ICL, Diageo Scotland, EJ Stiells and the Digital Animations Group (the first Scottish listed AIM company).

Recent Content by Tania Hemming

5 Feb 2020

Defying convention to build awareness

It is often said that conventional wisdom is not always the best wisdom. As Scotland’s oldest law firm, Morton Fraser has much to thank convention...
Press Release
Tania Hemming
27 Aug 2019

Morton Fraser "Breaks all the rules" in legal brand building with new clarity ad campaign

Independent Scottish law firm Morton Fraser has today launched a new advertising campaign that continues to break with convention and rewrite the...
Press Release
Tania Hemming
28 Jun 2019

Morton Fraser has won two awards for its ‘Welcome to Clarity’ marketing campaign.

‘Welcome to Clarity’ was Morton Fraser’s response to Scotland’s evolving legal market. As one of Scotland's oldest law firms, Morton Fraser wanted to...
Press Release
Tania Hemming