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Rural diversification

From holiday homes to mountain biking trails, diversification away from “traditional” rural ventures is an increasingly crucial element in the success of rural enterprises.

When managed effectively, such diversification opportunities can provide not only income and future sustainability for rural businesses, but can also create jobs in the wider community. Whilst landowners for centuries have proven innovative and astute when it comes to making a profit, a new wave of inspiration is sweeping the sector, and robust, professional advice is essential at the outset.

Clear advice on rural diversification

Turning ideas into a successful and profitable business whilst protecting your existing asset can be a lengthy and potentially distressing journey without the right advice. Rural entrepreneurs and landowners often face challenges particular to this sector, as well as the more typical challenges of a business start-up. We work closely with those seeking to diversify at all stages of their projects, advising clearly and confidently with the best interests of our client at the forefront of our thinking.

Benefits we bring

We have years of experience in assisting with successful rural diversification projects. We have a dedicated team who understand the complex ownership structures which are often encountered in this area and the many considerations which have to be taken into account. We can draw on the experience of other colleagues in the firm on a range of connected issues, such as inheritance tax planning and property litigation.

Our approach to fees

We don't want you to be surprised by the final bill we produce – that's why we will endeavour at the outset of every transaction to provide you with a fixed fee quote to give you clarity and certainty on costs. Where we can't do this, we will provide you with an estimated charge, which we will aim to convert to a fixed fee quote once the scope of the transaction becomes clearer.