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Agricultural and rural planning

Rural Scotland boasts many development opportunities. However, the legal framework governing development is extensive and often complicated, involving lengthy processes which are best entered into alongside professional advisers with relevant experience of the matter at hand.

We advise in this area for a variety of individual clients, businesses, local authorities and government departments.

Clear advice on agricultural and rural planning

Our Agricultural Law and Rural Property team has extensive experience in dealing with planning and development matters, and can provide assistance with all aspects of the planning process. We will work with you at every stage on the planning journey, providing concise and tailored advice along the way and helping you achieve your aims with minimum stress and expense.

Benefits we bring

We pride ourselves on the clarity of our advice, which is especially valued by our clients in this complex area. We work closely with colleagues in other departments within the firm to offer clients assistance with their planning queries. Our long track record in this area of law sets us apart from our competitors and provides us with a wealth of experience to draw from.

Our approach to fees

We don't want you to be surprised by the final bill we produce – that's why we will endeavour at the outset of every transaction to provide you with a fixed fee quote to give you clarity and certainty on costs. Where we can't do this, we will provide you with an estimated charge, which we will aim to convert to a fixed fee quote once the scope of the transaction becomes clearer.