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Rural sportings

The potential value of sporting, shooting and salmon fishing rights to rural Scottish landowners means that robust professional advice from experts in the field is vital.

The legal issues surrounding such enterprises should be fully considered and regular review is essential, as legislation and tax implications change on a regular basis in this complex area of law.

Clear advice

Bearing in mind the regulatory framework which impacts on this area we provide our clients with practical advice to help them best manage their sporting interests. We take a pragmatic, plain English approach to helping our clients and we work with them to achieve their objectives.

Benefits we bring

Sporting rights may be your entire business, or just a small part of your overall rural portfolio – whatever the size of your enterprise, we can help you effectively manage your interests. We can advise you on the sale, acquisition and lease of sporting and fishing rights, together with any advice you require in relation to the exercise and protection of rights you may enjoy.

Our approach to fees

We don't want you to be surprised by the final bill we produce – that's why we will endeavour at the outset of every transaction to provide you with a fixed fee quote to give you clarity and certainty on costs. Where we can't do this, we will provide you with an estimated charge, which we will aim to convert to a fixed fee quote once the scope of the transaction becomes clearer.