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Asset finance

All asset finance deals are heavily based on contract and property law and finance companies understand the need to have a working knowledge of the law underpinning their business.

That's true whether your customer is a consumer, therefore meaning you have to cope with FCA regulation and consumer credit law, or is a major corporate financing an oil rig, or a fleet of vehicles, or an international software finance programme. All of this is our bread and butter.

Clear advice

We have a great track record of helping clients. We produce documentation in clear English, readily understandable to the lay reader. Our clients comment that we win business for the firm because we explain options clearly and don't hide behind legal niceties and uncertainties. Our aim is always to help provide a business solution and get the deal done or the debt recovered.

Benefits we bring

We're a well-known and respected name in the asset finance industry throughout the UK. When it comes to asset finance we're streets ahead of other firms. These are not our words; they come from Chambers, the guide to the legal profession. Bruce Wood - according to Chambers, one of the two leading asset finance lawyers outside the City of London - heads our asset based lending team. We have many years of experience which means you get deals done on time with the minimum of fuss. We also have years of consumer credit expertise, dealing with the complex law and regulation which lenders have to face in that field. We work with many leading finance companies, offering a comprehensive range of services across the UK.

Our approach to fees

Our costs will always be clear and that's guaranteed. We compete comfortably with City of London firms in terms of value for money and quality of work at the costs appropriate to where our offices are. Even in defended litigation recovery work and disputes we do what we can to provide fixed fees at competitive prices.