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Industrial relations

Most unionised employers rarely have to deal with difficult industrial relations issues. When industrial relations issues do arise you will have to quickly get to grips with one of the most complex areas of the law.

How you handle the issue can be crucial to the success of your organisation.  The challenges can be diverse ranging from a request for union recognition to challenging the validity of industrial action by a recognised trade union.

Clear advice

Often advice will be required at short notice, especially where the parties are in dispute. This can include challenging the legality of strike action or unlawful picketing.  We give clear, practical advice.  Sometimes your main aim will be to minimise the risk of confrontation. Our advice will always be tailored to meet your objectives. 

Benefits we bring

We have a track record of dealing with this specialist area including drafting partnership/recognition agreements, opposing applications for recognition dealt with by the Central Arbitration Committee and advising on numerous industrial disputes. We are experienced in advising on the notoriously complex provisions in the trade union legislation.  We also have significant litigation experience within our team if court action is necessary to seek to prevent unlawful action.

We can provide employment protection and tribunal awards insurance cover.

Our approach to fees

We can offer fixed fee packages for certain types of work. If it is not possible to provide a fixed fee then we will provide a clear indication of the likely fee based on an agreed scope of work.