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Defender reparation and insurance law

Our defender reparation team carry out all types of work for the public sector, self insured companies and major insurers.

We handle employers' liability, public liability, road traffic and occupiers' liability actions.   From catastrophic injury cases to 'slip and trips', from fatal disease cases to stress and harassment; our team can help you.

Clear advice

From the outset of every new instruction, we are clear on strategy and clear on costs. If a case is one to be settled, we seek to do so at the earliest possible opportunity. If a case is one to be run to trial, we ensure that you are kept informed at all times, and we set out the likely costs before they are incurred.

More about our service

Our technically skilled and experienced team boasts four accredited specialists in personal injury law. We have run some of the highest profile cases in recent years, including jury trials.

Ultimately, our clients wish to reduce the number and cost of claims.   We work with them to provide solutions that achieve this, from considering trends to identifying where costs could be reduced, to training their local managers to decrease accidents.

We get close to our clients so that we can set reserves according to their specific reserving philosophy, provide bespoke reporting to match their individual needs, and deliver the service that benefits their business.

Our approach to fees

We offer fixed fees, so you know the cost of running your case from the outset.   We also remain in close control of the cost of any outlays, including experts and Counsel.   Prior to instructing any outlays, we carry out a cost benefit analysis, and check you are getting the best service for the cost involved.   We know that reserves are important to you, and so we run cases in a cost efficient manner and provide clarity of the likely costs to you and potential awards of costs against you.

Shortlisted for Defendant Team of the Year 2017 at the Eclipse Proclaim Personal Injury Awards 2017.