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IP disputes

Whether it's your brand, something you have invented, or an original piece of work that you have written, your intellectual assets are worth protecting. 

If you allow someone else to infringe your rights then any value in them may be lost. Equally, you may find yourself on the other side of the fence and be accused of an infringement. In either case, our litigation team has experienced intellectual property litigators who can help.

Clear advice

Intellectual property is a complicated and technical area of the law and it is crucial that you have litigators who can explain your rights to you in a straightforward manner. We understand that the clarity of advice you get is an important aspect of your decision as to whether to litigate or negotiate a settlement. 

More about our service

Our litigators have broad experience meaning that when you come to us with an intellectual property dispute you get a litigator who understands the commercial realities of your business and the sector in which you operate. This experience is vital in formulating a strategy that will see your case to a successful conclusion.

Our approach to fees

Intellectual Property actions can be expensive but we can help you manage your costs. We offer a wide range of feeing options, dependent on the nature of the action and advice required. Whichever option is offered we will always be clear about the cost of the process in which you are involved.