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There is no doubt that most disputes are better resolved by agreement than by a decision being made by someone else.

Where parties cannot reach agreement,  bringing in an independent mediator can often help them arrive at a mutually acceptable solution to their dispute. Mediation can be quick, cost effective and successful in the resolution of all kinds of disputes from employment issues to complex commercial contracts.

Clear advice

When advising clients in any dispute we give pragmatic advice on the most effective way to resolve a dispute based around the client's objectives. As well as advising clients and assisting them at mediations we offer the services of David Hossack as an experienced mediator to help parties in conflict arrive at a solution they have created.

Benefits we bring

All members of the dispute resolution team are trained in representing clients at mediation and are able to give truly informed advice as to the best method of resolving a dispute. As an experienced mediator, David Hossack supports the team in this work. Where David cannot mediate because a dispute involves an existing client he is uniquely placed to advise on the selection of an appropriate mediator and of how best to prepare for the process.

Our approach to fees

As no two disputes are the same, the costs associated with a dispute will vary. What does not vary is that we will tell you what those costs will be. For example, on receiving an approach for a possible mediation David will have initial discussions with parties without charge to explain what is involved in the process and to get a sense of the matters in dispute. Once it becomes clearer what process might be required for a particular dispute a clear indication of the cost involved will be provided.