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Tax litigation

Tax legislation is complicated and we understand that it is easy to fall foul of the rules.  If you do, and you end up in dispute with HMRC, our tax litigators are here to help you out whether it involves corporate or personal tax matters, whether you just need us to negotiate with HMRC on your behalf, or defend or pursue a tribunal claim or judicial review.

Clear advice

Clarity of advice is all the more important in an area of law where the legal position is not always clear and significant sums of money and reputation are potentially at stake. Our tax litigators, in consultation with our in-house tax advisers, ensure that you get comprehensive and clear advice on your legal position and options.

More about our service

Our tax team has broad litigation and dispute resolution experience and is, therefore, sensitive to the commercial realities of the advice they are giving and any personal implications that the advice may have. Our team is used to working with HMRC and with the most experienced tax counsel which means that resolution of your dispute is progressed as quickly as possible.

Our approach to fees

Our tax litigators understand that the cost of litigating against HMRC, and the potential costs involved in losing, mean that clarity and certainty around your own legal costs is very important. In order to give you as much clarity as possible they will, in appropriate cases, scope the work involved and agree fixed fees for particular stages of the process.