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The construction sector is infamous for being associated with litigation and disputes. Despite this, a huge number of construction contracts are signed every year with no reference to contract lawyers.

If you are a developer, you want your project completed on time, on budget and to the right quality standard.

Development funders want to understand the project risks and protect your investment. Contractors and professional consultants want to ensure that you are paid a fair amount for the work you do, without taking on any inappropriate risks.

Occupiers will want to make sure that your premises are fit for purpose and that any defects can be rectified quickly and at the cost of whoever caused the defect.

And if things go wrong, you want a remedy.

Clear advice

One of the most common causes of disputes in the construction industry is that a contract isn't clear. Another very common cause is that one party has misunderstood what they were supposed to do, what their responsibility was, or the extent of their potential liability.

We make sure that our construction contracts are written in clear, plain English with no jargon. Whether we are preparing your contracts or resolving disputes, we will make sure that our clients properly understand their responsibilities and potential exposures.

Benefits we bring

Our approach to construction law is no-nonsense.

We are construction law specialists with years of experience, so we will quickly get to what matters. We will identify problems and we will solve them.

We are straight talkers, and we will tell it like it is and make sure you understand the issues and the solutions.

In dealing with disputes, we have the tact and experience to negotiate for you, and also the confidence and the firepower to take on litigations, adjudications and arbitrations.

Our approach to fees

We understand that all clients need to budget for their costs, and so we offer fixed fee packages whenever we can. If it is not possible at the outset to provide a fixed fee, then we will give you a clear estimate based on an agreed scope of work.