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1. What is the first step if I want to sell my property?

We can help sell your home in Edinburgh and can offer you a free pre-sale valuation. We usually attend within a couple of days and will talk you through the process, provide you with a marketing report and a valuation.


2. How much will it cost to sell my property?

We are very clear on fees. Once we have visited you at your property, we will provide you with a detailed fee quote showing all the costs involved with selling your property.


3. How long will it take to sell my property?

Our average selling time is 20 days which is faster than the ESPC average.


4. Where will my property be advertised?

We advertise on the ESPC, Rightmove, Zoopla and the Morton Fraser website.


5. How long does it take to get to market?

We can have you on the market within 7 -10 days if there are no issues with access.


6. Are there any additional marketing costs and if so, when are they paid?

The only additional marketing costs would be if you decided on any additional advertising, for example in The Scotsman and we will explain the additional costs which would be involved.


7. How do I know where my Title Deeds are?

If you have a mortgage, your title deeds are usually held by the lender and we will deal with this for you. Otherwise, they may be held by another firm of solicitors and we will obtain these on your behalf.


8. Who will conduct viewings on the property?

Often the seller prefers to carry out viewings themselves but if that's not the case, we can arrange for experienced viewing agents to assist.


9. What is the average selling time?

The average selling time at present according to the ESPC stats is 25 days, we are faster than the average at 20 days.


10.When will I receive the sale funds?

Usually within 7 days of completion.


11. When do I move out of my property?

A completion date will be agreed with the buyer and that is the date that the purchase price is paid in return for the keys and legal title being handed over. You need to move out of the property by then. Typically this will be within 8 weeks of an offer being made but that is up to the parties to decide.


12. What should I do to my property to prepare it for sale?

We will advise you on this when we visit your property and can also arrange for trades assistance or any house "dressing".


13. What happens if my property doesn't sell?

Thankfully it's rare for a property not to sell but we will guide you through each step and regularly discuss the best strategy to ensure a sale is achieved.