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Dispute Resolution

Trust disputes

A Trust dispute can arise for a number of reasons.  It might be because there's genuinely a contentious issue, and the trust is not clear.  It might also be because the trust has run on for a number of years, and the trust's purposes are less workable in a modern environment.

We work with trustees and beneficiaries to establish what the main issues are.  Where necessary we'll look to review the trust purposes in order to ensure that the objectives are met.  Where we need to, we will negotiate with other parties who might have competing interests.  The final resort will be to look at litigation options in order to reach the best solution for you.

Colin Morton

Colin Morton

Neither myself or my wife Hannah are getting any younger. Just lately, I’ve noticed a change in her. Friends have taken me to one side and said she seems a little fragile. Maybe it’s time we got some help.

Clear advice

We'll review the facts with you to establish the real problem.  Is it a legal problem, or is it more emotional than that?  Legal and emotional issues are often impossible to separate but we take account of both.

We will advise you on your rights, use our expertise to negotiate strongly, and seek the best solution.

We give clear straightforward advice and use language that's easy to understand.

Benefits we bring

To get the best advice, you need people who are experts in litigation and  in trust matters. Our trust and litigation teams are highly rated in the legal directories. We work together to make sure we consider all options before resorting to litigation. Litigation is however unavoidable in some circumstances and when you need to go to court, we defend your position robustly.

Our approach to fees

Clarity is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on transparent pricing. We'll tell you at the outset how much our services will cost. We can offer  a range of feeing options, including fixed fees for defended court actions.  If it's not possible to provide a fixed fee we'll give a clear indication of the likely fee based on an agreed scope of work.