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Employment issues

Settlement agreements for employees

Our specialist employment solicitors based in Edinburgh and Glasgow deal with settlement agreements throughout the UK every day. You may be asked to sign a settlement agreement if you have a dispute with your employer, if your employment is coming to an end or if you are being paid an enhanced redundancy payment. You are required to take legal advice for the settlement agreement to be valid and your employer will very often pay your legal fees.

Clear advice

We'll cut though the legal jargon and provide you with a clear understanding of what you are signing. If you would like us to negotiate on your behalf we will work swiftly to get you the best deal possible.

Benefits we bring

All of our employment law solicitors have a huge amount of experience of negotiating and advising on settlement agreements in a wide variety of circumstances.

All of the partners in the Employment Law Team are accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as specialists in Employment Law. The team is rated by both Chambers and Legal 500 as one of the best in Scotland.

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Our approach to fees

If you are asked to sign a settlement agreement it's very often the case that your employer will pay your legal fees. We offer two separate fee structures:

  1. Advice only
  2. Advice and negotiation

Advice only

Our 'advice only' service is designed for circumstances where you're content with the terms of the settlement and simply want to have the agreement concluded as soon as possible.

If we agree to provide an 'advice only' service we'll do the work for the contribution to legal fees being made by your employer. While we reserve the right to request an increase in the contribution from your employer, you won't need to pay any additional fee.

If, having been advised about the effects of the settlement agreement, you no longer wish to agree to it, you will still need to pay us the 'advice only' fee but our fee will be restricted to the amount that your employer would have contributed had you signed the agreement.

Advice and negotiation

Our 'advice and negotiation' service is designed for circumstances where you are not content with the level of compensation being offered or any significant term in the settlement agreement (such as a lack of reference or inclusion of restrictive covenants) and you want to have the settlement agreement negotiated on your behalf.

We will charge for this service based on how much of our time you need. Before starting we will advise you of the hourly rates that we will charge. We will also advise you of the likely level of our fee.

If you use our 'advice & negotiation' service, we will attempt to negotiate the legal fees contribution made by your employer so that it covers our fee. There is usually a limit to the level of fees that an employer will contribute but we will try to maximise this as much as possible to minimise the amount that you pay.

You will require to pay the difference between the contribution that your employer is making and our total fee (if it is greater than the employer contribution).