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Welcome to clarity

EEA/EU nationals and their family members

Although there has been a lot of discussion regarding Brexit, there are still some misconceptions about the rights of EEA/EU nationals to come to the UK in the future. We have helped a number of EU nationals navigate the EU Settlement Scheme and ensure their ability to stay in the UK long term.

The UK formally left the EU on 31 January 2020, but will continue to apply the same rules until 30 December 2020. This means that EEA/EU nationals and their family members can continue to move to the UK, without a visa, until that time.

Provided they enter the UK before 30 December 2020 they will be able to stay here long term, but they will need to register with the Home Office before 30 June 2021. If someone fails to register by the deadline, they will be considered an "illegal migrant" and will lose their right to work and live in the UK.

Registration is free and online, but can be difficult for people who haven't gone through the process before. In most cases the process involves scanning your passport or National ID card with an app, but in some cases involving non EU nationals a different process has to be followed. Following the wrong process can result in delays and stress, but we can help avoid these pitfalls.