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Studying in the UK

The UK remains one of the top of destinations for international students, and Tier 4 Student visas are one of the most commonly issued visas. However, despite the number of visas issued there are still a large number of refusals every year.

There are separate visa categories for children studying at independent schools, and older students looking to apply to Universities. Each has their own requirements but the general principles are:

  • Students need to be sponsored by the school or University;
  • Students need to be able to demonstrate they are suitably qualified to study their course and, if they have already studied in the UK, it represents progress from their previous studies;
  • Students need to have sufficient money to pay their course fees and living costs; and
  • Students have to speak English to the required level, sometimes the school or University will be able to certify that this is the case.

There are limits on how long someone can spend in the UK as a Tier 4 Student, but from 2021 there will be a two year post study visa available for some graduates.

It is important to get the timing of your application right as processing times can be extended when there are a high number of applications, and leaving your application to the last minute can result in you missing the start of your course.