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Welcome to clarity

Working in the UK

We are regularly asked to help people looking to move to the UK to work, but these rules can be difficult to navigate. There are a number of different visa options and the correct one will depend on your circumstances:

  • In most cases, you need to be sponsored by a company with a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office. This is known as a Tier 2 visa. There are restrictions on skill levels and salary requirements
  • There are different routes open to people who want to come to the UK for temporary work or volunteering. These are known as Tier 5 visas;
  • Some Commonwealth citizens with grandparents born in the UK can qualify for Ancestry visas. These allow them to come to the UK to work without a job offer; and
  • People looking to set up their own business can qualify for Start up and Innovator visas.

Each of these visa categories has its own requirements, costs and processing times. It is vital to choose the correct category for you, as if you apply for the wrong visa you will be rejected and lose your application fee.

It is important to get advice before moving to the UK, as, for example, if you come to the UK as a visitor and work you will be committing a criminal offence.