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Later life planning

Later life planning

You may be reaching a stage in life when you’re having to make decisions about where and how to live. Alternatively, you may have elderly parents or relatives who require help with their affairs and you’re too far away to be of practical help. Whatever your challenge we can assist you.

We think that there are different types of assistance, perhaps involving different stages of the ageing process. We help people to stay in their homes, and can arrange all types of support to ensure they can live independently. We can offer slightly more help, where we can take over the management of financial matters. We can also offer help in the move from home, to a care home. The starting point for everyone, is to make sure that a Power of Attorney is in place, so that someone's affairs can be handled on their behalf and in the correct way.

Colin Morton

Colin Morton

Neither myself or my wife Hannah are getting any younger. Just lately, I’ve noticed a change in her. Friends have taken me to one side and said she seems a little fragile. Maybe it’s time we got some help.

Hannah Morton

Hannah Morton

Since we got married back in 1957, Colin and I have been so happy. I’ve never wanted for anything, nor have the family. However, just recently I’ve started to feel a little forgetful. Plus, Colin’s worrying about our affairs.


Let’s face it, no-one likes to think about getting older. But here at Morton Fraser we like to make life a little easier and go that extra mile. Below is a summary of all the extra things we can do for you.


Keeping yourself and your home ticking over takes effort to organise. If you can't do it all that's ok, we can take care of it. Our team can correspond with electricity and gas suppliers to provide them with meter readings  and make sure you're getting the best deal. We will liaise with the Council on your behalf  to ensure you're getting the tax exemptions and/or the assisted funding you may be entitled to. If you need a haircut or someone to come into your home to give it a tidy we'll organise that for you too.


It can be difficult to arrange extra care to come to you. That's why we're here to lead a helping hand. We can liaise with your GP, Dentist, Optician or Chiropodist on your behalf and talk to the Council about available support. We can arrange social service assessment. If it comes time for some privately funded assistance in the home, we can be you point of contact. If you need to move to a nursing home, we can arrange the visits to assess the facilities and even help fill in any forms. If all you want is some company, we can organise that too.


It is not always possible to get out of the house. Don't worry, our team can liaise with the Council or private supplier to organise for your meals to be delivered to you. We can also arrange for a supermarket home delivery. We've even got some of the more personal items covered, just ask us and we'll get it.


We know that keeping your pet at home with you is important. That’s why we'll arrange for someone to walk your dog, or have someone come to your home to look after your pets. We can even pay your vet bills on your behalf.


If the time has come to move into a care home we can take care of the logistics of getting you settled in. Don't worry about the property you're moving out of we'll sort it out by clearing it out and organising trades to fix things up inside and out.


We all accumulate things throughout our lives. Luckily we have support on hand to help have a bit of a clear up if you need it. If you're in need of a partial clear up or want to sell personal effects we'll take care of it. We'll even order and arrange the delivery of furniture.


Making sure there's enough money to allow you to live the way you want is imperative. Relying on us, your trusted advisor will give you piece of mind that there will be enough. We can attend to all your financial matters such as corresponding with banks/building societies, sorting out pension payments, disability payments and winter fuel payments. We can also liaise with your accounts, auditors and brokers to sort out any tax returns.

For a detailed list of what we can provide, please select from the sections below to discover how we can help you or your loved one.