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Living with support

Care at home

There is a huge amount of support available to facilitate an independent life in your own home, ranging from assistance with shopping  to 24 hour nursing care. We can advise on a range of different providers, and on the addition of further levels of care as necessary.

You can arrange assistance privately, access support from a charitable institution, or ask for help from your local authority. The Scottish Government continues to fund free personal care for those aged 65 or over who require it.

Hannah Morton

Hannah Morton

Since we got married back in 1957, Colin and I have been so happy. I’ve never wanted for anything, nor have the family. However, just recently I’ve started to feel a little forgetful. Plus, Colin’s worrying about our affairs.

Colin Morton

Colin Morton

Neither myself or my wife Hannah are getting any younger. Just lately, I’ve noticed a change in her. Friends have taken me to one side and said she seems a little fragile. Maybe it’s time we got some help.

Clear advice

We work with clients to understand what you need now, and what you will need in the future.  We try to plot things out in a way which is easily understood and don't just give you options, we also give you advice on which option to take.  We will give you confidence that you have everything in place.

Benefits we bring

We take the stress out of a situation.  We will make sure that you know you are not alone, and have support when you need and want it.  We have many years of experience of dealing with older clients who wish to remain in their own homes. Our dedicated team can advise on the practical and financial aspects of providing care at home, and make sure you can live independently for as long as you are able.

Our approach to fees

We offer a range of services for the older client each of which has its own clear fee structure. Circumstances can change quickly, but we will always be transparent about fees.

Next steps

You may have some questions or need some clarity about your situation. Our team are on hand to help, so get in touch with one of our experts.