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Care in a residential or nursing home

Nobody likes the thought of moving  into residential or nursing care but for some that may be the only option. An assessment will normally be carried out by a social worker and discussions will then take place as to the most suitable option.

Some care homes are provided by the local authority, and some are funded privately.  We can advise you on which will apply to you.

When you are looking at privately funded arrangements, there is a lot of choice, and you might find this very confusing.  We can help you decide which home is best for you, and also look at how you are going to fund it.

You might not want to move into a home straight away, and if it is helpful, we can help you to organise short term or respite care arrangements.  This can take the strain off you, and also your family.

Hannah Morton

Hannah Morton

Since we got married back in 1957, Colin and I have been so happy. I’ve never wanted for anything, nor have the family. However, just recently I’ve started to feel a little forgetful. Plus, Colin’s worrying about our affairs.

Colin Morton

Colin Morton

Neither myself or my wife Hannah are getting any younger. Just lately, I’ve noticed a change in her. Friends have taken me to one side and said she seems a little fragile. Maybe it’s time we got some help.

Clear advice

We work with clients to understand what care home will suit them, and how they can manage the transition into a care home.  A lot of the worry at this time can come about because of a lack of knowledge, and we make sure that clients understand what options they have, and which are likely to be best for them.   Communication at this time is so important, and we make sure that everyone is kept up to date.

If you intend to privately fund your care, you should be aware that some homes have an admission policy which requires the resident to be able to "self-fund" the costs for a qualifying period, generally of around three years. We can guide you through the process and advise on the financial aspects of a move.

Benefits we bring

We have knowledge about the care home market and how it works, which means that you have to do less research and can make a quicker decision.  We can help you understand all the detail around the National Care Standards, as well as the Care Commission's reports on individual facilities.

The most important aspect of a move is to take time to make sure someone is settled, and we can help you and your family with this.

Our approach to fees

We offer a range of services for the older client each of which has its own clear fee structure. Circumstances can change quickly, but we will always be transparent about fees.