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The Mortons and the Frasers

It’s a family affair. Personal relationships, welfare and business, seamlessly managed together. A smarter, happier future starts here.

Hello there, I’m Stuart Morton. That’s me, centre stage with wife Ellen. Surrounded by our nearest and dearest.

Elderly parents above us. Assorted sons, daughters, their partners, and grandkids, either side.

No wonder they call us the ‘sandwich generation’. We’re literally sitting in the middle.

The modern family. There’s nothing quite like it, is there? Equal parts joy and mayhem.

If your lot are anything like ours, you’ll know that along with the good things about family life come the tougher calls and curve balls. ‘Expect, the unexpected’ should be our family motto. How about you? Just the same? I thought so.

That’s why I’d like to share a few insights into my life. It might all sound very familiar.

Just as our needs are individual and change over time, so too are the strategies and services we’ve managed to put in place with the help of the experts at Morton Fraser.

One family. Four generations.

Through it all we’ve got each other. Best of all, we’ve now got a plan. So, how about you?