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Amy Morton

25. Daughter. Single. Looking forward to experiencing life.

Life’s for living, right? You bet. That’s what my mum and dad always told me. 

I’ve got years left in a 9-5 job, so why not pursue my dreams and grab every opportunity life throws at me? Four years studying at St. Andrews and I eventually left with a PhD in Marine Biology and a broken heart. Though as my University bestie Sophie never stops reminding me, “There’s plenty more fish in the sea, Amy”. Hilarious. Seriously though, I need to get out there and see what I’ve learned for real. Great Barrier Reef, here I come. #soexcited

Luckily, unlike some of my friends, I’m not drowning in student debt, as Mum and Dad really helped me get a good start. When I am at home I love nothing more than Mum’s Sunday roast, seeing my brothers and their kids. Did I mention I’m ‘Aunt Amy’ now? How did that happen? Gramps and granny often shuffle round at the weekend too. I love my ‘Granny Hanny’, so much. I feel like a child again when I’m with her and I can’t bear the thought she’s getting older.