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Callum Morton-Ritchie

Callum (and Jude) Morton-Ritchie. Both 28. Building life as a couple.

Jude and I live life to the full.

Mum and dad always encouraged me to take my own path. And I have. Jude’s my soul mate. We met 5 years ago.

We tied the knot when the legal changes came in a few years ago. It was fabulous to hear the registrar utter the words: “I now pronounce you husband and husband.” I cried. Everyone did. Mum and dad treat Jude like one of their own. There’s always been a place laid for him at the family table - we’re all crazy about him. Especially mum.

Jude’s the go getter – I’m happy in a noisy classroom teaching my kids.  He’s always working, and thinking about what his next move will be. I just try and keep him grounded, making time for our hobbies like travelling, fixing up our townhouse and walking our French Bulldog, Toto.

Who’d have thought it? Me and big bro Matt are the old married ones.  Baby sis Amy’s off living the single girl’s dream. We’ll get her settled down one day. No doubt her prince will come. Mine did. I’m looking forward to embarrassing her with a speech (oh, the stories!) and helping her pick out a dress.

I could eat my little nephews too. It’s always fun and chocolate when Uncle Cal, Jude and Toto come around to babysit!