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Hannah Morton

Aged 82. Grandmother and wife. Getting care plans in order.

Colin and I, we were quite the item back in Troon in 1953. We met at a New Year’s dance. How handsome he looked in his RAF uniform, and me a local farmer’s daughter. Since that first quick step we’ve never looked back. Not once. 60 years on and we have our beautiful family around us. 

Of course, like my friends these days, I look in the mirror and I see I’m not getting any younger. What happened to that beautiful red hair?  Plus, I’m starting to feel a little forgetful and slowing down a bit.

I just want to enjoy my days in good health, with everyone around me. You read so many things in the paper about an aging society and how we’ll all be needing care at some point. Thanks to Colin’s hard work I’ve never wanted for anything and my children have always been well provided for.

But just recently, he’s started to worry about our affairs. I leave most of it him, my only request is that the family are looked after. We’re so proud of Stuart, and his three lovely children.  It’s so exciting to watch their lives grow and hear about all their adventures.