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Mary Fraser

Grandmother and wife. Deceased. Leaving a legacy.

Dear Ellen,

As you know, I’ve made you an Executor of my Will, alongside Morton Fraser Trustees Ltd.

Firstly, I’d like offer, all my love and thanks for your support in my later years. It’s meant so much to me! 

Although this letter isn’t a legally binding document, there are few things I’d like to get off my chest. So please see it as some motherly guidance for the time when I’m no longer around.

I’ve chosen you as my Executor because I think you’ll do an amazing job. Obviously, your sister Ruth is no longer with us since her sad passing in 2004. And brother Craig is so far from home in sunny Brisbane.

Which brings me to my estate. Mostly, it couldn’t be more straightforward. A third each for you, Craig and with Ruth no longer here, her children Ruby and Alfie.

It’s the younger ones that concern me. Especially the fact that I see them less and less since their father re-married.

Ruby and Alfie will inherit a sizeable amount. But I want them to use it wisely. As your father always said, “wisdom only comes with age”. Therefore, I’ve decided their share will be held in trust until they reach the ripe old age of 25.

My concern is that if I die before they reach 25 they’ll be tempted to contend this. We all know how impatient and hot headed young Alfie can be.

So, Ellen, I reiterate in the strongest terms, that I don’t think they’ll be responsible enough before that date to receive their share.

On a lighter note, there’s the question of all my items of jewellery (wedding and engagement rings etc.) and my other antiques (including the Dresden Ware collection.)

My advice here is that everyone in the family chooses one item in turn, so allowing each person to receive something they want.

The order of choosing can be determined by drawing lots.

Many thanks darling Ellen.

With all my love, forever.

Mum xx