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Stuart Morton

Aged 62. Husband, father and son. Senior engineer taking early retirement.

Grown up kids to the left of me. Fragile parents to the right. Never mind a growing brood of grandchildren and Ellen, my wife with burgeoning business stresses. Just your average modern family trying to get by I suppose. For every joy, there’s a tricky challenge around the corner. However, thanks to some careful planning I now know one thing. We’re all in a far better place than we were.

I've already put my hand in my pocket for my two sons (Callum and Matt), but my daughter Amy hasn't settled down yet. It’s her turn for a bit of support next. At the other end of the family, my parents are getting more frail. Worryingly so in my mother’s case. She’s getting more forgetful by the day and less able to look after herself. Plus, I'd really like to be around to help my Dad out when times get tougher, as they inevitably will.

On a happier note, I have a growing brood of grandchildren. I want to be there for them, too. Help with their upbringing and costs if I can.