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Tax advice and planning

Being subjected to the ever changing world of tax requires having a proactive, up to date adviser by your side.

You want to be assured that the advice you receive, when structuring your estate in a tax efficient manner, is delivered after all avenues and options have been considered, that the interaction of inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax has been taken into account and that the advice fits you and your family.

Stuart Morton

Stuart Morton

Grown up kids to the left of me. Fragile parents to the right. Never mind a growing brood of grandchildren and Ellen, my wife with burgeoning business stresses. Just your average modern family trying to get by I suppose.

Clear advice

Our solicitors and tax advisers will get to know you and will establish what you are trying to achieve when considering tax planning. We will clearly explain the options open to you and what the implications of a certain course of planning will be.  We will ensure you are completely comfortable with any planning you wish to put in place and will encourage ongoing discussions and reviews to keep the advice and planning relevant as circumstances change.

Benefits of choosing Morton Fraser

We are a highly rated team, designed to provide clients with a wide range of expertise.  It is rare that a piece of work involves only one angle, and our team includes lawyers, tax advisers, financial advisers and estate administration experts, based in our Edinburgh and Glasgow offices.  This means that you will get advice tailored to your particular circumstance, designed to reduce your exposure to tax on an ongoing basis.

Our approach to fees

We want to provide our clients with fixed fees for tax advice and planning. That can be quite difficult to do unless we properly understand your own individual circumstances, and what we need to do for you.  We don't want to compromise the work we do for you or the service we deliver, by offering a headline grabbing fee quote, which we don't then deliver on.

Our approach to feeing is therefore to meet with you, and to establish your objectives.  The cost of this meeting, which will include a review of your assets, succession planning and your tax situation, will be £270 + VAT.

At this meeting, we will provide you with an estimated fee for carrying out the work, and we will not go ahead with that work unless you have approved that fee quote.