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Wealth management

Financial planning and wealth management

Our view on wealth is refreshingly different. Many of our clients wouldn’t think of themselves as ‘wealthy’.  We advise people at all stages of their lives who have sufficient funds and/or assets to save, invest and plan for the future. That’s our definition of wealth.  We also give clear, in-depth advice on pension planning.

The work we do can be broken down as follows:

  • We work with clients who are looking to grow their investments.  There might be short or medium term objectives for maximising capital, or this might be part of longer term planning to achieve financial security into retirement.
  • We work with clients who are approaching retirement and who want to make sure that their pension and other investments are doing what they need them to do.
  • We work with clients who are trying to minimise tax, whether that be inheritance tax, capital gains tax or income tax.

In all of these situations, we provide advice on the best investment strategy, and the best tax wrappers.  Our advice covers the initial set up, the ongoing review of performance and a continual monitoring of suitability for you.

Stuart Morton

Stuart Morton

Grown up kids to the left of me. Fragile parents to the right. Never mind a growing brood of grandchildren and Ellen, my wife with burgeoning business stresses. Just your average modern family trying to get by I suppose.

Ellen Fraser

Ellen Fraser

Stuart and I adore having the family around. I love it that they all feel they can come back to us. Change is in the air though. Plus, I’d like to take my antique business to the next level.

Clear advice

We work with people with a full range of investment experience.  We tailor our advice so that it is appropriate for you.  We want to speak with you in a language which you understand, which delivers a financial planning strategy, and which really helps you to achieve your objectives.

Benefits we bring

Our team is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and we are independent advisors.  This means that we offer clients advice from the whole of the market, and are not tied to any particular provider.

As part of the wider Morton Fraser team, we make sure that wherever relevant, our investment advice is linked to legal, tax and property advice.

Our approach to fees

We want to provide our clients with fixed fees.  That can be quite difficult to do unless we properly understand your individual circumstances, and what we need to do for you.  We don't want to compromise the work we do for you or the service we deliver, by offering a headline grabbing fee quote, which we don't then deliver on.

Our approach to feeing is therefore to meet with you, and to establish your objectives.  The cost of this meeting, which will include a review of your assets and your tax situation, will be £250 + VAT.  The cost of this meeting will be deducted from any fee for work which follows.

At this meeting, we will provide you with an estimated fee for carrying out the work, and we will not go ahead with that work unless you have approved that fee quote.