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Wills and succession planning

Power of Attorney

No matter what your age or your circumstances, you should have a Power of Attorney to help provide peace of mind and to help keep things simple for your family.

A Power of Attorney is a document which gives a trusted person or people authority to take action or make decisions on your behalf if there ever comes a time when you are not capable of doing those things yourself.

This can cover both your financial affairs and your health and welfare.

Without a Power of Attorney, it is not the case that your spouse or next of kin will be able to pick up these things for you, so it is important to ensure you have thought about who you would want to help should anything happen and to take steps to get a Power of Attorney put in place.

Colin Morton

Colin Morton

Neither myself or my wife Hannah are getting any younger. Just lately, I’ve noticed a change in her. Friends have taken me to one side and said she seems a little fragile. Maybe it’s time we got some help.

Clear advice

We will explain exactly what a Power of Attorney is and what and when it would be used and meet with you in person to discuss and to ensure you are completely comfortable with the idea of putting a Power of Attorney in place.  We will discuss this with you in relation to your particular circumstances, to include your family situation and your assets, to make sure that this is appropriate for you.

Benefits we bring

We aim to sort this out for you as quickly as possible and to make the whole process straightforward for you and your family.  We will advise you on the requirement to register the Power of Attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian and explain when we would recommend this is done.  We can also advise on longer term arrangements and have a dedicated Later Life Planning Team who can help you and your Attorneys in the future.

Our approach to fees

In almost all cases, we will be able to give you a fixed fee quote for the preparation of a Power of Attorney. We will need to speak with you before we can do that to establish your particular requirements (for example whether you need us to see you at home or in hospital.)