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Dispute Resolution

Succession disputes

The best way to avoid legal problems arising at the time of your death is to plan properly during your lifetime.  Making sure that a will is up to date and drafted properly is key to avoiding arguments later on.

However, we don't always plan properly and disputes can arise through a lack of planning or the interpretation of a poorly drafted legal document. We work with clients in all types of disputes. Whether you are a disappointed beneficiary or an executor under a disputed will, we can help.

Ellen Fraser

Ellen Fraser

Stuart and I adore having the family around. I love it that they all feel they can come back to us. Change is in the air though. Plus, I’d like to take my antique business to the next level.

Clear advice

We will review the facts with you and help establish the real problem. Is it a legal problem or is it more emotional than that?  Legal and emotional issues are often impossible to separate and we take account of both.

We'll advise you on your rights, use our expertise to negotiate strongly and seek the best solution.

We give clear, straightforward, practical advice and help you understand even the most complex legal issues.

Benefits we bring

To get the best advice, you need people who are experts in litigation and in succession matters.  Our team is made up of both.  We work together to make sure we consider all options before resorting to litigation, but when court action can't be avoided we defend your position robustly.

Our approach to fees

Clarity is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on transparent pricing. We'll tell you at the outset how much our services will cost. We can offer a range of feeing options, including fixed fees for defended court actions.  If it's not possible to provide a fixed fee we'll give a clear indication of the likely fee based on an agreed scope of work.