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Welcome to clarity
Welcome to clarity

Coronavirus Notice

It is now over six months since lockdown was declared in the UK and no-one will have escaped the effects of the Coronavirus on our everyday lives.

There is no doubt whatsoever that very few people alive today will have experienced an attack on our daily routines as severe as this. Whether dealing with individuals or dealing with businesses we have all had to find new and innovative ways of conducting ourselves and interacting.

To an extent which was unimaginable even a few short months ago, the Coronavirus presents a truly universal challenge. Close co-operation between the UK and Scottish governments has seen an initial containment policy move to a delay stage but cracks are beginning to show.  The pace of change has been rapid and unsettling, and this has created an environment which is complex and difficult for us all.

Our priority at Morton Fraser has to be for the wellbeing and health of all of our clients, colleagues and contacts. During this period we need to ensure that we are able to continue to provide the quality of legal services you have come to expect, with the clarity which has become our hallmark.

Our cross-divisional multi-disciplinary team has since March been able to provide a stream of useful information and is ready to respond to any questions you may have as to how the Coronavirus could affect you. Details of the team members are set out on this page, and also in the specific sub-pages tabbed at the top of this page. We can be contacted at our dedicated email address: coronavirus@morton-fraser.com. In this section of our website we have considered what we think are the most pressing issues which you are likely to come across. The situation is evolving on an almost daily basis, so we will be adding new information and updating existing information as and when required.

Finally, some words of praise for our colleagues. At the beginning of lockdown they adapted remarkably well to the "new normal" of working from home, in no small way due to our agile working policy which has been in place for some time. With plans for a return to work being in a state of constant flux as the battle to control the virus continues to rage, the level of upheaval has been unprecedented and the support, co-operation and calmness demonstrated throughout this transition has surpassed expectations. We appreciate that many of our clients and contacts are in a similar position and our sympathy extends to you all.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Stay safe and well