Work Experience

Still at school? Believe nothing quite beats a bit of experience? We agree. That’s why we offer you the chance to break free from the classroom and join us to experience work in a legal office first hand. This way you get to know us and the work we do, and we get to find out more about you.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about working life and legal practice.

Selecting a course of study at university is an important and sometimes difficult decision. Our work experience programmes are designed to assist secondary school pupils who are considering studying law at university.

Our programmes are designed for school pupils who:

  • Have completed their fourth year of secondary school
  • Are interested in studying law at university

We receive a lot of applications each year, so before you apply think carefully about why you are applying and show us why you are interested in the placement. 

We’re looking for evidence of your passion and knowledge of law and why you’re thinking of studying law at university.

There are two routes for applying for work experience with us. The first is our PRIME Work Experience programme for students who meet the PRIME eligibility criteria. The second is our Open Work Experience programme. Read more about the entry requirements and application processes for both of our programmes below.

PRIME Work Experience

Please note that applications for our 2022 programme have now closed. Applications for 2023 will open on 1 March 2023

We want to ensure that everyone who wants to enter the legal profession has an equal chance to do so. We have partnered with PRIME to design a programme which aims to inspire students and prove that a career in law is achievable, no matter your background.

We offer one week of unpaid work experience in our Edinburgh office. We will provide you with lunch every day and cover your travel costs to and from the office.

To be eligible to apply, you must be in S5 or S6 and meet the qualifying criteria as set out by PRIME.

You must meet both of the essential criteria:

  • You attend, and have attended from the age of 11, a state-funded, non-fee-paying school/college.
  • You grew up in a household where no parent or guardian attended University.

You must also meet at least one of the following:

  • You are currently in receipt of, or have previously received, free school meals, Pupil Premium, Education Maintenance Allowance and/or 16 to 19 Bursary
  • You have been, or are currently, in local authority care (for a period of 3 months or longer)
  • You are, or have been, a full-time or part-time carer
  • You came to the UK as a refugee or asylum seeker
  • You are attending a state school or college with:

a) below average A-Level or Higher point score and/or

b) low rate of progression to higher education.

Young people who meet the 'in local authority care' criterion do not need to meet any other criterion.

To apply, please complete an application form and return it to before the closing date outlined below.

You will be notified within 14 days of the closing date if you are to be offered a placement.  If you have been unsuccessful you will be notified within 21 days of the closing date.

  • 2023 Applications Open: 1 March 2023
  • Closing Date for Applications: TBC Spring/Summer 2023
  • Work Experience Dates: TBC Spring/Summer 2023


Open Work Experience

We offer one week of unpaid work experience, Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 1pm.  We offer 15 places each year, 10 in our Edinburgh office and 5 in our Glasgow office.  You’ll get experience in at least three different areas of legal practice, by shadowing our trainee solicitors.

You can apply for work experience placements up to six months ahead. There are two closing dates for applications - 28th February and 30th August each year.

You must complete our application form. The selection process will be based on the application forms only; no supporting evidence is required.

Once your application is submitted you will receive an email acknowledging receipt.

You will be notified within 14 days of the closing date if you are to be offered a placement.  If you have been unsuccessful you will be notified within 21 days of the closing date.

If successful, you will be offered a placement with specific dates so if your school has fixed dates when they expect you to do work experience it is important that you include these in your application.

Click here to complete your application and apply.