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In any 'Top Ten' of the most stressful events in life, divorce usually features in the top three. We understand that you need clear and easy-to-understand advice, from a team who both know what you're going through and are experts in the law.  Morton Fraser's divorce solicitors, based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, work in one of the largest, most experienced and consistently highly rated family law teams in Scotland, acting for individuals across Scotland and the UK, as well as for international clients throughout the world who have dealings in the Scottish court.

How we can help you

We provide advice for people with diverse backgrounds, from those with very complex financial situations to more straightforward negotiations. We have particular expertise dealing with divorce involving entrepreneurs, business and land owners; high net worth individuals; and those with international connections such as expats.  We are also used to dealing discretely and sensitively with personal matters for those in the public eye.   

We understand you will have a number of concerns - here are some of the questions we've been asked before:

What questions will my divorce lawyer ask me at a first meeting?

We understand that this isn't a situation you would have planned. Our lawyers aim to get to know you and your particular circumstances at the first meeting. We will often ask where you would like to be in a year's time, to help us know what goals you want to aim towards. We want to know if there are any urgent problems to be sorted first, perhaps involving the children, or maintenance, or domestic abuse. If there are court proceedings started already, we will want to see the court documents and any correspondence you have.  It is also very helpful if you can give us a summary of your finances and assets. 

What questions should I ask at a divorce consultation?

It is really helpful for us to know your priorities - so if you have a question that is important to you, ask it!  There are no stupid questions, so if there is anything that you're unsure of, it's always better that you ask. Hopefully, at the end of the first meeting, you will have a good idea of the next steps and the way forward. 

How much does a divorce cost?

This does vary from case to case. Factors include how complex your situation is; how your spouse chooses to deal with things; and your own aims and goals - for more detail, see here. We aim to be as clear as possible about fees - see here for more detail of our unique approach to this.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

It depends. In Scotland, usually all of the financial matters need to be resolved before the court will grant decree of divorce. In some cases, this can be resolved quickly after the separation, if that is what everyone wants and if matters are reasonably straightforward. In some cases, it can take a very long time, due to complexity, or one or both parties not wanting to engage with this. 

How do I choose the best lawyer for my divorce?

Your family lawyer needs to be someone you can trust with what really matters to you. Many clients come to us through the recommendation of a friend or colleague. You can see objective reviews on legal directories, being Chambers and Legal 500. And you can get a flavour of our expertise based on our articles and podcasts. But if you would like to see if we would be a good fit for your circumstances, please just call or email us.