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The number of families who have links to more than one country grows daily. Marriages and civil partnerships between citizens of different countries are common. Families now often have employment, business and property interests in a number of different countries. If you are in this situation, it's important to consult an experienced international divorce lawyer if your relationship breaks down.

How we can help you

Any separation is difficult, but resolving the financial, property and child-related issues raised by international divorce can be particularly complex. You might be an expat UK national facing a divorce overseas, or a returned expat whose spouse is still in the other country and wishes to divorce abroad. You might need to deal with UK-based assets in an international divorce, or be looking to divorce in the UK while living abroad. For some people, 'forum shopping' to find the most advantageous country in which to divorce may be an option.

Our experienced international divorce lawyers, who understand the legal and practical issues raised in an expat divorce and have contacts worldwide, can help you navigate these issues and achieve a better and more cost-effective outcome.

Below are some of our frequently asked questions from expat clients:

Where can I divorce?

There are rules about which court can deal with a particular case. For divorce, the link is usually either where you are living or where you are 'domiciled' (a legal term with some complex rules, but in summary, where your home country is).  Often expats want to deal with personal matters such a divorce back 'home'. The Scottish and English courts can deal with divorce if one of the spouses is domiciled in either Scotland or England respectively, even if living abroad.

Where is best for me to divorce?

This might be Scotland - or it might be elsewhere. We are experienced in working with international lawyers abroad to help you consider your options in an informed way. 

Do I need to act quickly?

That depends on your situation. Even if you decide in the end that you don’t wish to take any formal legal steps, it’s best to have legal advice sooner rather than later, so that you can make an informed decision. In some international situations, where there might be competing courts or matters involving children, it can be vital to get early expert advice.