Resolving Disputes By Mediation

Key contact

Morton Fraser Partner David Hossack
David Hossack
David is a highly experienced consultant within our Litigation division based in Edinburgh. 
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With employment disputes taking longer to resolve we are pleased to offer a fixed-price online mediation service, aimed at helping you resolve disputes quickly.

Our service, with mediators skilled in employment matters, provides an alternative to the traditional method of resolving disputes through the Employment Tribunal system, offering employees a way of resolving a dispute quickly and efficiently, allowing them to move on and focus on your future career.

Benefits we bring to you 

David Hossack, is one of the leading mediators in Scotland and an accredited specialist in employment law which makes him extremely well placed to assist with the resolution of employment disputes. This depth of experience in both those fields makes him and his team best-placed to help agree a solution. This would then be captured by the parties in a binding Settlement Agreement or an ACAS agreement.

Although our mediators are based in Edinburgh and Glasgow we are able to carry out virtual mediations via Zoom throughout the UK.

Resolving Disputes By Mediation Team